What you need to know about the advantages of the student card

Here are a few places where you can present your student card, since there are, throughout the region of France, a multitude of discounts particularly dedicated to your status! Sports facilities, clothing shops, restaurants, museums, cinemas, transport, etc. Advantages are hidden everywhere to save your everyday budget.


If you are passionate about art, culture is available to you with interesting formulas. Theatres, opera houses and cinemas often offer reduced prices for students, sometimes up to 50% off the normal cost. Your student status also allows you to benefit from free admission to several museums in Lille and its suburbs: there is the swimming pool museum in Roubaix, dedicated to industry and the arts, the Museum of Modern Art in Villeneuve d'Ascq and the Palais de Beaux-Arts in Lille housing several collections. Students in Lille are also close to the Louvre-Lens and exhibitions. For those who love concerts and entertainment, most concert halls offer discounts or even special programming for students.


For student travellers, public transport services offer considerable discounts. The SNCF and its youth card allow you to benefit from discounts of up to 50% on your train journey throughout Europe and France, as well as several integrated services. Then, to help you get around the metropolis, the Lille public transport service, ILEVIA offers many discounted subscriptions for learners. Finally, the V'Lille service has introduced formulas for you to travel around the city by bike.


Currently, almost all students have computers. Your student card allows you to take advantage of discounts on some sometimes expensive software. Among other things, you are entitled to a 10% discount on most Microsoft products. Apple is also used to buy cheap computer equipment for students. Some manufacturers, such as Windows and Apple, also offer discounts on computer equipment. In short, the student card offers advantages in schools that have a restaurant, sports hall, among others, but especially several outdoor activities: museum, theatre, cinema, some restaurants and some sports halls. Some photocopy shops give discounts to learners. There are shops that offer discounts on the purchase of computers and shoes, and there are subscriptions to press magazines and cheap software for students.
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