Euroscience Open Forum: curious about what to expect?

Euroscience Open Forum

ESOF is a non-profit making organization of researchers and scientists in Europe dedicated to research and innovation. It offers interactive scientific sessions, debates, and workshops on the latest scientific research, practice, and policies. ESOF 2022 provides an opportunity for stakeholders in science, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and business executives from over 90 countries to come together to exchange ideas, network, unite, collaborate and get innovative solutions to the complex universal challenges that societies face. A festival in form of exhibitions and workshops is held at the heart of the City hosting the esof. The 10th edition of the Euroscience open forum will be held in the City of Leiden in the Netherlands from 13th to 16th July 2022. The hosting city is awarded the European City of Science for the year.

EuroScience mission is to develop a scientific workforce that creates positive change for society. The European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology is an institution mandated with a mission to represent the needs of the scientists and interested parties across Europe. Euroscience is member-based and member-driven and this forms the basis of its mission. Its governing board comprises of President elected by the membership and corporate members, sponsors and partners contribute to the objectives and activities of the association.


ESOF Leiden aims to strengthen trust in the ways science influences society, and how science is influenced by choices and responsibilities that arise in society. It will also ensure ESOF 2022 will create a sense of urgency in participants to discuss more actively on science-related issues. ESOF Leiden will emphasize society’s participation in support of science and appreciation of the benefits of science to the economy and quality of life. The Euroscience Open Forum is a platform for debate about scientific culture, research, and innovation for society. The aim is to bring unity and bridge gaps between the stakeholders of science and societies all over the world, to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas, discuss, adapt and innovate timely interventions needed to counter the main challenges affecting the society today.


The Euroscience in Leiden theme is - crossing the borders, engaged science, and resilient society. Environment connects societies and the internet has enabled the breaking of geographical borders and sharing of information. The theme is about overcoming challenges through a single vision for a sustainable future for people, society, the environment, and partners in the ESOF2022 conference will be advocating for a scientific approach toward the universal challenging issues being faced. ESOF2022 offers partners an opportunity to showcase their contribution and proposed solutions to the international audience. The event has seven tracks designed to cut across countries, cultures, all scientific disciplines, and humanities. They include;
1. Sustainable Environment – which refers to the long-term co-existence of humanity and the biosphere on the planet which has been endangered in the course of human development.
2. Space of Science - Humanity has embarked on the search for the earth and extraterrestrial life, dark matter research, space construction, and establishing bases and villages on the moon.
3. Freedom and responsibility of science – The independence of Research institutions and researchers have shaped modern science for decades.
4. Science and business – This will explore value addition by the society with an emphasis on education and entrepreneurship.
5. sustainable academic careers – Entails use of advanced models to change academic assessment to reflect diverse academic career path
6. Cultural identities and societal transformation – Societies are expected to undergo transformation and adaptions and therefore science and art are expected to play a critical role in the process.
7. Health societies – Societies are faced with major challenges in regards to improving their health and mental well-being.
Esof aims at appreciating the responsibility of researchers, scientists, and other stakeholders’ efforts in promoting science as an essential component and contributor to society.

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